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Thank you for your interest in Lauderdale Tower in FORT LAUDERDALE. At the center of Fort Lauderdale, you'll find a great variety of restaurants and boutiques. The final result is a modern new residential Fort Lauderdale luxury condominium complex called Lauderdale Tower.

You can see all of the new construction along with existing gorgeous hotels that will give you the sense that there is no end in sight to the excitement you will have while living here. We've helped thousands of residents discover the perfect Fort Lauderdale apartments in FORT LAUDERDALE by showcasing the best apartments for rent and providing the most detailed information on each unit, up to date, every single day. Historically Fort Lauderdale was considered a suburb of FORT LAUDERDALE, but as the downtown area expanded, Fort Lauderdale’s NorthEast adopted high density zoning which allowed the building of high rise apartment and office structures and turned into what you see today as one of the best looking neighborhoods, not just in all of FORT LAUDERDALE, but the entire United States. Please visit our sale or rental page to see what’s currently available as we make sure that the listings are up to the minute current. We offer the features that create a perfect home and a number of different floor plans to choose from. To the north, an endless look at the city, to the south, a look at the Bay that you’ll get to see everyday. Lauderdale Tower Fort Lauderdale has shown time and time again that an investment here will show a future return. It offers apartments with 0, 1 and 2 bedrooms floor plans.